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Mental Exercises That Manage Your Stress
Holistic Mental Wellbeing Checklist.png
Holistic Mental Wellbeing Checklist.png
Food Suggestions To Make Your Diet Healthy
Fitness Regimes To Make You Fit
Holistic Mental Wellbeing Checklist.png
Fully Customised Module Made Just For You

Holistic Mental Wellbeing Programme

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Mental Wellbeing

Mind Body Resolve provides a tailor-made programme that is made according to your stressors.

The programme is curated on the results of the stress assessment and the insights gathered from a session taken by our health professionals.

The Programme includes 
Psychological Wellness Module,
Nutritional Guidance Module
Physical Fitness Module. 

About Us
Our Approach

We are a knowledge-based platform that provides Individualised Holistic Mental Wellbeing Programmes for your stressors. 

Holistic wellbeing encompasses 

Psychological Wellness

Nutritional Guidance 


Physical Fitness

All three elements combine to form a Holistic Programme. 

Mental Wellbeing 

Mind Body Resolve has created a specialized handbook that will help everyone impacted by the Pandemic. 

This handbook contains various exercises and activities to improve your mental well-being. 

It also contains immunity boosting nutritional guidance and a physical fitness regime which is easy to follow. 

Our Team

We are looking for talent who seeks not to exist but to thrive in conditions that present daunting challenges.

Get in touch with us if you wish to break the societal shackles and bring about a change in the feild of the holistic wellbeing ecosphere.


Our Approach

At Mind Body Resolve, we believe that to improve our enduring mental capabilities, one must address all the elements of human health.
Our solution focuses on creating holistic, individualized programmes that would concentrate on making people more resilient towards different adversities.


Identifying The Problem


Assessing Stress Levels 


Factoring In Habits And Personality

Curating Customised Programme


Full Attention To Mind & Body

Our Vision

Mind Body Resolve envisions to bring mental health out of the shadows and into the word of tolerance, empathy, and effective change. 

Our Team

The building block of every successful venture is the team behind it. 
Come and check out the brains behind Mind Body Resolve.  

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MBR's Elements 

Mental Wellbeing

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