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Mental Wellbeing

A guide to a better state of wellbeing

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 Holistic Mental Wellbeing 

Mind Body Resolve has created a specialized handbook that will help everyone impacted by the Pandemic. 

These modules include a wide range of exercises and a list of suggestions to improve the individual's Mental Well-being, Fitness, and Nutritional intake. 

Each module is curated to have meditation, breathing exercises, strategies to cope with loss, and ways to channel different emotional outbreaks. 

Each module will also suggest different home-based physical fitness activities to help regulate mood swings and boost fitness.

The modules end with nutritional guidance to boost immunity and improve general health.

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Customised Handbook

A Customized Handbook is a step closer to finding the answers for your particular areas of Pandemic induced stress. 

Mind Body Resolve customizes every handbook based on the information gathered about the individual. It uses its adept framework of questions to screen the stress of the individual. 

Different elements of pandemic stress are analyzed through these questions, for example, anxiety, paranoia, erratic moods and outburst, grief and balancing work and personal life. 


After analyzing the answers, we create a handbook with exercises that will help the individual with their pandemic stress and customized fitness regimes curated after understanding the individual's current relationship with Fitness.
Nutritional guidance also improves their efficacy after gaining knowledge about the individual's preferences. 

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