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Mental Wellbeing Programme

Psychological Wellness

With the help of our stress assessment tool, we would be able to identify different areas of stress in your life. According to which we will provide various scientifically backed activities and exercises that would help you understand the cause of your stress and work on the solutions in a non-judgemental manner.
These activities aim to reduce the level of stress and develop resilient strategies that would prevent you from getting overwhelmed under stressful situations. 

The programme would be individualised to cater to your needs specifically. 

Parameters Of Screening

The stress screening framework developed is to understand everyday stress points. The broad areas of stress screening are Relationships, Parenthood, Employment, Living Situations, Health, and Social Conditions. The framework seeks its efficacy through the experience of the team behind it. This experience helps us define the spectrum of stress and develop a mechanism to solve and create positive resilience. 

Feedback Process

 Every recommended solution provided to you comes with a service of alteration, depending upon its effectiveness. If you are not happy with our recommendations or if they have not been effective, Mind Body Resolve's team will tirelessly until we provide you with one. 
You would be able to discuss your feedback about the programme with the health professionals and subsequently be given a revised programme that is better aimed at solving your problems.


With the help of our stress screening framework, we can understand other biological factors that may be the cause of stress to you.
Firstly, we provide different nutritional guidance to work on the biological factors causing or increasing the possibility of developing stress-related diseases. 
Secondly, we provide nutritional guidance to increase the state of wellbeing through a correct diet. We will provide you with a recommendation and substitutions of nourishment to help you be productive, less irritated, moody, and more mentally at peace. 



Vulnerability prevents us from seeking help. One of the biggest challenges in addressing individuals' mental wellbeing is the vulnerability caused due to the fear of exposed privacy. Mind Body Resolve has positioned itself in maintaining the confidentiality of the client as its top priority. We understand the client's vulnerability and thus, have created systems that ensure smooth and secure interactions. 
All the information shared by the employee will not be shared with any other company. Health professionals would only access all the sensitive data regarding the health of the employee


In the process of creating a holistic mental wellbeing programme for you. 
You will also be taking sessions with any of our health professionals. 
( Psychologist - Nutritionist - Fitness Consultant)
In these sessions, the health professional will dig deeper into the answers provided by you in our assessment tool. 
This will help us create more relevant and efficient holistic mental wellbeing programmes for you. 
You can take these sessions weekly or on a fortnight basis. 

Fitness Regime

We identify the role and existence of fitness in your current routine and subsequently provide you with possibilities of a different regime compatible with your existing working culture.

Different individuals need different intensive regimes depending upon their age, medical condition, and personality type. 
Our programme will be aimed at understanding their attitude towards fitness and inculcating a habit of healthy activities, which would result in a decrease in the level of stress and developing a habit to combat stressful situations.

Assesment Tool

Mind Body Resolve customizes every module based on the information gathered from you.
It uses its adept framework of questions to screen your stress. In addition to screening stress, the framework also infers your personality traits, tastes, preferences, and habits.
Our exceedingly qualified team does a complete analysis of this information and provides an individualized module that will prove to achieve more efficient results for the client. 


Video Library

We have created a knowledge base for you to access.
Here, you would be able to find instructional videos on how to perform a particular fitness exercise or how you should go about psychological activities. 

These videos will also explain the logic behind these activities and exercises and how they may be relevant for you. 

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