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Wellness Journal by MBR X Rescript Stationery

Wellness Journal by MBR X Rescript Stationery

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price


Mind Body Resolve has created a Wellness Journal with Rescript Stationery for YOU! 



The eco-friendly, 100% Recycled Wellness Journal caters to your mental wellness, nutritional guidance and overall fitness! 


The Wellness Journal contains 4 sections that are proven to impact your life positively:


The Green Section helps you express gratitude for the positive influences in your life.


The Blue Section is designed to help you focus on personal wellness through positive habit formation and tracking.


The Teal Section is dedicated to personal growth and development.


Finally, the Orange Section contains tools, activities and interventions that you can use in the event of episodes of mental and emotional turmoil and helps you overcome them.

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