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How does it work?

A carefully designed system to manifest your wellness goals.
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1. Screen Your Stress

A well-designed questionnaire helps us analyze your stress coming from different parameters.

2. Analyzing your results

Our health professionals will analyze the results.
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3. Consultation

A brief session with our health professionals is scheduled, where an in-depth analysis of your stressors are discussed and a plan of action to combat it is reviewed with you.

4. Module delivery

With 24-48hrs of consultation, a module with Psychological Wellness, Nutritional Guidance, and Fitness regimes is delivered to you.
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5. Check-Ins

We are always in touch with you through our daily check-ins and affirmations
specially designed for you.

6. Feedback session

Every week, we have a feedback session with you to discuss your progress and feedback on the modules.
A new set of modules are made every week to work on your stressors.
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You can also book a session
with any of our health professionals,

Any time of the day.

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